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Why the Wait for Payment on a Refund Transfer is Over


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There’s no doubt that the advent of the Refund Transfer has been an indispensable tool for the tax preparation industry. It has opened up professional tax preparation to taxpayers who could not previously afford it. And tax professionals have been able to expand or grow their business, finding an edge in this competitive industry by giving taxpayers an easy way to pay for tax preparation.


With new PATH Act refund delays, that means tax professionals are waiting longer for their fees. TheSimplyPAID in-season fee advance from Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (TPG) eliminates the wait to get paid, getting tax pros the money they need, fast. What’s more, it’s free. That’s right, tax professionals can get an in-season cash advance deposited directly to their bank account at no charge. TPG will advance up to $400 per tax return, for a total amount available up to $150,000 to qualified tax professionals.


“Tax professionals have quickly come to rely on SimplyPAID, and they were excited to learn about the increased amount available this year,” says TPG Chief Client Services Officer, Steve Varga. “Sometimes we have tax pros thinking there is a catch because the advance is free. Why would TPG give tax pros a cash advance? It’s simple: we want to offer resources that add value to the RefundTRANSFER and make running a tax preparation business easier! As a former tax preparer myself, I know first-hand the benefit of having a valued partner in this industry.”


Even more tax professionals can qualify to participate in 2017, including those with credit problems. Once a tax professional has enrolled or renewed with TPG the process for requesting a fee advance is as easy as a single click application from the TPG website. Enroll with TPG today.