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Taxpayers Can Get Cash at Walmart with Direct2Cash



Tax Products Group (TPG) and Walmart are making it easier for taxpayers to get their tax refund proceeds. In 2015 taxpayers using Tax Products Group may receive their tax refund proceeds in cash at participating Walmart stores with the Walmart Direct2Cash option.**

Convenient and Affordable

Receive tax refund proceeds in cash at participating Walmart stores

With a reputation for providing value, Walmart gives taxpayers an affordable way to get their money quickly without paying high check cashing fees with the new Walmart Direct2Cash option.


Eliminate the Need to Return for a Check

Taxpayers select Walmart Direct2Cash when their tax return is prepared, so there’s no need to go back to the preparer’s office.



A name Consumers Trust

Walmart is fast becoming a store consumers rely on for financial services. Taxpayers can get their tax refund proceeds in cash from participating Walmart stores nationwide. Find a store near you.

*No minimum amount required.

** Taxpayers, check with your tax professional for availability. Tax professionals, check with your software provider for availability.