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TPG Advance Funds Available Starting October 1st!


Does tax season feel a long way off with bills piling up and office to get setup soon? Returning TPG clients that qualify can opt-in now for the Software Advance, Season Startup Advance and In-season Fee Advance.* Enroll or renew with TPG new for access to exclusive benefits.

TPG Advance Infographic

If you need the TPG Advance remember to complete the software purchase and enrollment through your software provider, and opt-in on our website once it’s available to you. Don’t worry if you can’t get setup right away. Qualified offices that have completed enrollment may opt-in at any time before the tax season begins. Visit our website for more details.

* Advances subject to approval. Must be enrolled in standard Refund Transfer program to qualify; all discount programs offered through TPG are excluded from this program. Pre-Season Advances available only to prior TPG clients. Product terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.